My life mantra is this: “There’s no point in having a mind if you can’t open, expand or change it.” Lis Allen

I’ve spent my entire adult life learning about the human condition in general (mine in particular), starting with mainstream academia at university in the 70’s, through to all manner of experts currently working at the cutting edge of science and human behaviour.

As a result, I’ve had my mind expanded many times over the years but I want to share 3 related stories which, in particular, totally blew my mind and transformed the way I see both myself and the world we live in: although goodness knows that’s changing rapidly as I write this. I’ll share my 5 conclusions from these experiences at the end.

Story Number One
Back in the mid 80’s I went to the Mind, Body, Spirit event in London: I was introduced to Kirlian photography and then I had a photo of my aura (energy field) taken. Wow! If the concept of having an energy field and being able to photograph it is new to you, I suggest you google Semyon Kirlian, a Russian who perfected the process of electrophotography in the mid 1900’s. Then read a book by Brian Snelgrove called The Unseen Self: but not until you’ve read the rest of this!

Back to the photo that was taken – I’m gutted because I lost it. I used it daily as a book mark for years, and then it disappeared, so I can only describe the wonderful colours surrounding my body: mainly green, blue and a dash of purple, and you’ll have to take my word for it. What was interesting was how much my colours differed to the bloke next to me. We discussed our emotional states at the time and how that might have affected our personal energy fields: he was angry (interesting story) and I wasn’t.

Story Number 2.
Having had my mind well-and-truly blown open, I attended a workshop a year later and the main theme of the day was nutrition and how important it is to nourish our bodies with the correct foods. Guess my excitement when the workshop leader produced equipment to take Kirlian photos of our energy fields before and after a healthy lunch.

“Do you have the photos?”, I hear you ask? Sort of… I can only find one (note to self – tidy your office, Lis!). It clearly shows the striations of energy coming out of my hands, and of course, you’ve guessed, the before/after healthy-lunch comparison photos were mighty impressive.

Story Number 3.
If you know me well, you might be astounded to know that a few years ago, I went on a silent retreat for a WHOLE WEEKEND! Yes, I love to chat but it was time to re-connect with myself.

One of the things I learned that weekend was a new (to me) technique of open-eyed meditation. I’d been meditating for a number of years by this stage and was good at it, provided I was in a quiet environment with no distraction. Given that it can be tough to create those situations when out and about, this was a practical skill which I could use anytime/anywhere. Hurray!

A few weeks later, I was staying in a hotel room in London (very poky) and the only place I could find to sit comfortably to practise this new meditation technique was leaning up against the wall opposite a mirror. Imagine my utter astonishment when I settled down and after a few minutes I COULD SEE MY OWN ENERGY FIELD REFLECTED IN THE MIRROR, WITHOUT ANY PHOTOGRAPHIC EQUIPMENT! WOW!

So why am I telling you all this?

1. If you didn’t already know, you have an invisible protective energy field called an aura which you can nurture by cutting back on the caffeine and alcohol, and eating nourishing foods.
2. People can photograph your aura for you to see
3. You can practice meditating until you can see your own aura by yourself
4. In this stressful and rapidly-changing world, you need to take care of and manage your own energy field
5. Something truly EXTRAORDINARY happened to my aura in that hotel room…but more about that in Managing your Energy Part 2!

Keep/Stay Calm and Carry On ☺