How can I help you have a breakthrough? Brain surgery without the blood!

How can I help you have a breakthrough?

Does one, some or all of the following resonate with you?

Do you care too much about what others think of you?

Are you in a responsible leadership role and lack or need an impartial sounding board/support?

Do you feel guilty when you put yourself first?

Do you find it difficult to say what you really want to say?

Are you depressed, or concerned about your mental health?

Are you feeling anxious?

Have you lost your purpose in life, or perhaps never really felt you had one?

Have you lost your mojo?

Then let me help you  

For a specific fear or issue, I have a unique way of working which I have entitled ‘Brain Surgery without the Blood!’ I assist you to find the root cause of your problem. Then I hold up the (metaphorical) hairdresser’s mirror so that you can see your blind spot – we all have at least one.  Together, using innovatory but simple techniques, we install much healthier ways of thinking which you decide on and which support you to live the life you want to live going forward.   It’s easy, quick and very efficient.  And it’s FUN!

I can further illustrate what I do by using examples of archaeology and architecture – I don’t do archaeology, I do architecture!  Imagine your life as a field and you want to build a beautiful new house on the field, but first, the archaeologists want to dig and label everything they find. My experience over the years has led me to believe that it’s not always helpful or necessary to dig up the whole field and label every single problem or issue from the past.

I see my role as similar to that of an architect – you decide what you want to build for the future, we create your plans and then we dig very solid footings for the beautiful new house/life. In digging the footings we’ll most likely unearth something important from the past, but it’s not necessary to dig up the whole field.

Much quicker than more traditional therapies, we’re done in one breakthrough session.   A session typically lasts up to a couple of hours, but it’s not time-driven – we keep working till we get to the root cause of the issue.  Then we have a cup of tea!


If you’re working in a position of leadership, a stressful environment or feel you’d like some regular support/insight, you may decide you need ongoing mentoring to help you deal with the constant challenges that life throws at us all. Please contact me if you wish to explore what a regular phone or Skype call (the frequency to suit you) could do for you.

Whether I’m speaking, facilitating my events or doing a one on one session, I draw on my personal experience as well as professional and academic training. I had a VERY long list of fears and anxieties, some more rational than others! I’ve worked through them all over the years and now feel more than able to help you identify, work through and overcome your fears.  It takes courage to look at oneself but IT IS SO WORTH THE TIME, MONEY AND EFFORT.


A special mention for phobias, especially glossophobia



Phobias in general, glossophobia in particular are my bag!

Definition of a phobia: An extreme or irrational fear of, or an aversion to something.

Definition of glossophobia: The fear of public speaking or of speaking in general

If you suffer from glossophobia, you MOST DEFINITELY are not alone.  Next to death, speaking in public is the human being’s greatest fear and one that needs to be overcome.

I believe there’s no point in having a mind if you can’t open it or change it, so I assist you to change your mind about speaking up/out.  Once we’ve done the mind-set shift, I then share my considerable experience of working as a professional speaker, workshop facilitator and radio & TV interviewer – top tips, mostly borne out of the mistakes I’ve made over the years!

Whether it’s from a stage, in a workplace meeting or in a family situation, speaking in public is all about being clear about what you want to say, having the confidence to say it and then say it in a manner that will ensure you’ve been heard. There’s considerable evidence that people who are able to express themselves confidently and clearly are more successful in their careers and importantly, have happier relationships.

Interested?  Ping me an email or call me and we can have a conversation. Don’t delay – DO IT TODAY! 🙂 or call 0777 9532 555

Take a look at how coaching has helped my clients…










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Coaching Testimonials
From a grateful mother 

My son was needing to change direction work wise but seemed to have a real “mental block” about moving forward.  Lots of encouragement from me but it still wasn’t happening and I was beginning to despair that it never would. I was casting around for help when I remembered Lis, who I knew from many years back when she employed me.  I’d always found her to be positive, encouraging and inspirational and so decided to get back in touch. Best thing I could have done.

I messaged her about my son and explained the difficulties he was having with motivation and self-belief. They made contact and talked about what he (and she) felt was needed and he subsequently booked some coaching. Lis somehow managed to get him to open up about the “blocks” that were holding him back. She taught him a way of finding and utilising his skillset, building his beliefs and self-confidence in not only himself but also enabling him to realise how much worth and experience he had to offer.

From a mother’s perspective I saw a real turn-around. He now possessed self-belief and an “I’m more than good enough” attitude.  All in all, a huge relief for me but most importantly my son is now happy with his new way of thinking and being. Shortly afterwards he was offered a job interview and even better, offered the job!  What a turnaround, he’s now looking forward to progressing into this new chapter of his life.

Lis, a very big thank you from a very grateful mother, without your help I fear we’d still be trudging to get to the right fork in the road.

Name and address supplied

Anonymous (to protect confidentiality of son)

Devon, UK

My first experience of life coaching was from my old boss who used to take his coaching sessions with Lis and share the knowledge with the rest of his team within the business. At first I was not a fan and didn’t believe that it was the sort of thing that would help me, however, I was persuaded to give it a go and take that leap of faith. After all, when I’d seen the difference this had made to my boss and then realise that a lot of the themes were consistent with business leaders such as Richard Branson and Alan Sugar then what did I have to lose. I threw myself into the coaching and some 2 years later I have a completely different outlook on life. The experiences I have had, the experiences I now seek and the change in my personal and work life are significant. It’s sounds like some lame “advertorial” about how the coaching has changed my life – well that’s not strictly true. “I” changed my life and made different and more informed decisions, gained from the thought processes I have learned and been coached by Lis. But my life is now significantly different. My career has blossomed as my communication skills have improved immeasurably, my work / life balance – is in balance ! and I’ve fulfilled dreams and ambitions that before the coaching were exactly that – dreams and ambitions. I’m not finished yet and I am where am – I’m happy with that and I now have a lot more goals and a plan of how to achieve them. I don’t know what people think Life Coaching is – for me it’s having someone listen to what I say, how I say it and be able to read between the lines and ask me questions about what I’ve said. I choose to answer those questions in my own way, choose what I want to change and then reflect to see if that has brought about the required change I wanted. So, I’ve done all the work – it’s just I needed someone to ask the right questions. Lis certainly asks the right questions and makes me think about everything I do and say. There’s never a hint of being told what to do – that’s up to me – it’s my choice, it’s my choice to continue with the coaching, it’s my choice to make changes and it’s my choice to write this testimonial. To give more people the same experience I’ve had would be a gift I would give to everyone – thankyou Lis.
Mark T

Devon, UK

Rebuilding my life

Eighteen months ago I suffered a severe stroke and rehabilitation has been slow and difficult, both physically and emotionally.  Lis quickly identified my needs and then set about guiding me.  Lis is full of empathy and is very positive in her reasoning.  Whatever my problems, she always helps me to set clear, meaningful goals and by the end of each session I am full of enthusiasm and optimism, and ready to meet the challenges which we have identified together. Lis has become a true friend and valuable guide in my attempt to re-build my life in very traumatic circumstances, and my progress is largely due to her skills and character.

Phil Harries



Before I saw Lis, I would have described myself as confident, level headed, outgoing, organised and I had a full life. I went to Lis for help getting over a break up, but I got so much more. I am back to my happy, positive self – but areas that I didn’t think needed addressing got covered.

Lis invites you to apply logic to day to day situations you find yourself in, work out what’s missing from the ideal, from that – work out what you want to achieve, you’ll realise that those things are manageable and with some of Lis’ simple tricks you can really stick to attaining each of them. You really can do anything.
Lis said : “You know, ‘to inspire’ is literally to take a breath. Isn’t that brilliant? You can get inspired everytime you breath!” 

I have never met any other person that can leave you so relaxed, focussed, excited and … inspired. And I cannot thank her enough.



I am writing this letter to thank you for the inspiration, support and motivation your recent coaching sessions have given me.

As the owner of a small business with a busy schedule, it is so easy to burn out and become ineffective.  I felt the need to get myself back in tip top condition to be able to focus on my business and get through these difficult times.  Your sessions have done just that and more. I feel relaxed and in control of my destiny and able to achieve both my personal and professional goals.   I am very pleased to recommend you to friends and colleagues who will benefit from your calm and professional approach in helping them to achieve their own particular goals.

Anne Merrick

Infineo, Newbury

I approached Lis a few weeks ago because of my spider phobia, following an informal chat Lis realised that spiders were not really the problem. The real problem was a lack of self-confidence and following our first meeting I was literally bouncing (a bit like Tigger!), full of confidence and eager to put into practice what we had discussed. Lis encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and re-assess the way I feel about myself. This has been a real wake-up call for me and where I used to really dread public speaking and cold calling, Lis has helped me overcome this and now I’m really looking forward to my next challenge, speaking on stage to a room of BNI directors at the next conference in Amsterdam in April. Thank you so much Lis.


Empowering Experience

What can I say about Lis? Lis is wonderful to work with because she recognises and respects the individual and their life experiences. Many people speak of empowering others, many remark on how important it is to be who you truly are, yet rarely do they mean it.

However, that is not the case with Lis. Her ability to empower is remarkable and I am very pleased to have taken the opportunity to work through my confusions with her.   One thing that I appreciated was that I could laugh and really be myself. I would realise something about an event or my behaviour and just find myself laughing. To be able to look at something that has seriously been hampering my life and just laugh is liberating.

Liberating is how I would describe time spent with Lis. You cannot be certain of what you will unearth but you can be sure that whatever it is Lis will help you polish it into a real gem, a true facet of who you are. With Lis’s support and encouragement I was able to shift my perspective and really get myself back on track. Ambitions have ceased to be ‘pie-in-the-sky’, I am no longer walking in circles and I am back in touch with my life.



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