Do you need an expert interviewer for your event?

Do you need an expert interviewer for your event?

My take on the art of interviewing 

Although I have a degree in English and have worked as an interviewer on both television and radio, little did I realise that it would be an earlier training in nursing that would equip me for a career in interviewing authors!

It’s the admitting-nurse’s vital role to obtain the most thorough medical and social history possible from the patient, in order to do the best for them both clinically and emotionally. The same principle applies to interviewing authors, although the roles, discussion material and outcomes are obviously somewhat different – I’ve yet to discuss the intimate details of an author’s hernia with them in front of 200 people!

However, if the name of the game is to show the author and their book off to the best advantage and increase their book sales, it’s a game I love playing. Writing a book is such a brave (and disciplined) thing to do and I believe authors deserve a robust but sensitive opportunity to speak for themselves. I’d like to think that’s what I give them.

Whatever your event (not just book events), why not consider having your speaker interviewed?

An interview with me will:

  • relax the speaker and take the pressure off them
  • add a whole new dimension to the event
  • ensure the event will always be fresh, dynamic and spontaneous
  • prevent speakers churning out the same spiel which they end up being and sounding bored with
  • help writers who are great at writing but maybe not so great at speaking to shine

Contact me on 07779 532 555 or email to discuss your project 

Dame Jenni Murray – Journalist, writer and broadcaster best known for presenting BBC R4 Woman’s Hour

“Thanks Lis for a great interview.”

Stan Mellor, MBE 

Recently, Lis Allen interviewed my husband, Stan Mellor MBE. for a charity event in the Croft Hall, Hungerford. Stan was Champion National Hunt Jockey for 3 consecutive years in the early 1960s. and the first National Hunt Jockey to ride over 1,000 winners.
Stan is now 81 years old, deaf and with a failing memory, so I had deep concerns about him agreeing to an interview in front of a paying public. Lis met Stan once beforehand, as much for his benefit as her own, so that Stan wouldn’t be faced by a stranger.
Lis’s main aim was to reassure Stan in the build up and throughout the interview, so that he would relax and let his character shine though. Lis had done her homework, and the result was a resounding success for both Stan and Lis.
Stan has repeatedly referred to how much he enjoyed the occasion and commented that Lis obviously did as well. I would recommend Lis as a thoughtful, skilled interviewer who would get the best out of any subject.
Elain Mellor

Keggie Carew – winner of the Costa Book Biography Award 2016.

“I very much enjoyed talking to Lis Allen at the Hungerford Literary Festival. She was a very sensitive interviewer who asked excellent questions and drew out some very interesting areas about Dadland. She had closely read the book and had a very good understanding of its complexities. There were lots of laughs and I believe everyone bought a copy – which is a very good sign after a talk! She was likeable and personable, with an easy facility for making her guest relaxed and comfortable. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lis as an interviewer, and I wish her luck.”
Keggie Carew, author of Dadland.

Roald Dahl’s Official Biographer –
Donald Sturrock – Love from Boy

“Lis is a lively and engaging interviewer, who makes conversation easy. She’s sparky and good at drawing in others in the room too, which helps make an event memorable and fun for both audience and contributor.” DS

Alastair Sawday – Author and publisher of travel guides plus pioneer in the environmental world. 


“Lis – a wonderful interviewer. Thanks for making it so much easier”


A few of the authors I’ve interviewed, encompassing a wide range of literary genres 

Rachel Joyce

Alastair Sawday

Ruth Kelly

Ruth Wheeler

Gill Hornby

Declan Murphy

Piers Paul Read

Sarah Winman

Clover Stroud

Mike Daunt

Rachel Malik

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