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Next public event Saturday 18th January 2020

HUNGERFORD TOWN HALL, High St, Hungerford RG17 0NF 7.30 pm till 10 pm 

Ladies, do you want to  start the New Year off with some clarity, focus and renewed confidence in yourself?

Then this event will be right up your street!  Read the info below and then click on one of the buttons and book your ticket (S) NOW!  Bring a friend for FREE – there’s always safety in numbers! 




The Vagina Dialogues is a unique event for women which looks at the mothering role and how the relationship with our mothers affects us all profoundly, whether we go on to become mothers or not. It provides an opportunity for reflection, increased self-awareness and clarity about who we are and the importance of our role as women in the 21st C. It has been running on a regular basis since 2013.

The relaxed format of part-presentation and part-discussion enables women of all ages to come together and share their insights and experience of being mothered/being a mother in a supportive, fun and interesting way.  So far the age range of the participants has been between 14 and 88, and the event has been held in various cities all over the UK, Sweden and Brisbane, Australia.  It’s an event that you can come to time and time again….there’s obviously a structure to the evening but there are always new people in the room who ask different questions/bring different insights.  It’s like reading a book which you pick up again in six months time and think, “How on earth did I miss that!”

Ladies, bring your female friends, colleagues and family – come along even/especially if you’re not a mother – you were mothered and have that experience and insight to contribute. You may learn something that could change your life, or even better, maybe you’ll inspire someone else. Guaranteed thought-provoking and FUN – see you there.

Lis and the team x

NB BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL FOR THIS EVENT as there won’t be tickets available on the door.  See below for bookng links and Book NOW to avoid disappointment :).  Also,  please note that tickets ARE NON-REFUNDABLE once issued – if you find yourself unable to come, please gift your ticket to a friend or colleague. You’ll notice below that you can buy one, get one free?  If you want to come alone, that’s great.  AND if you want to bring someone with you, even greater! 

WARNING! NB: One VERY important thing to note, this event isn’t for everyone. Come if you’re female and over 14, you’re non-judgmental, curious and have an open mind – oh, and you want to make a difference in the world :

PS! This event has nothing to do with the Vagina Monologues show.  This event is unique, and the best possible description is it’s a respectful, facilitated conversation – isn’t that what’s missing in today’s society? 

If you’re interested in the underlying philosophy of the event, then, watch the next two videos….only 220 secs required to watch both… we’ve packed a LOT into them!










VAGINA DIALOGUES: Saturday 18th January 2020









“Not knowing what to expect, then feeling as though everything’s been covered” ~ Mel Tozer

” I can’t believe how much I opened up to complete strangers – and how comfortable I felt doing it” ~ Gemma

” You won’t know what you’re missing if you don’t come to this most entertaining evening!  ” ~ Sheila Harper

” Wow! What a night….I can’t believe my mum stood up – and enjoyed it so much, thank you.”

” It was great to interact with the other women and realise we all have the same issues.  I have given myself permission to wind down!!” ~ Meg Thomas

” A fascinating and inspiring evening, thanks Lis. Helped me to process old hurts and to feel courage and self-belief to move forward ”  ~ Janie Perry

” The great ‘aha’ I took away from VD came right out of the blue.  I can highly recommend [it] for anyone who wants a change in their life”  ~ Jackie Notman

” An inspirational evening which flew by and went too quickly – more please!” ~ Gail Lummis

“A wonderful, safe environment to share experiences and insights which resonate with us all as women who care enough to make a positive commitment to being the best they can be”

“She [Lis] makes it so fun and informal, it feels just like a night out with your girlfriends”

You might be interested to see where all this is heading?

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Testimonials from Previous Participants
A great opportunity to ask yourself questions you wouldn’t usually ask yourself – a very welcome chance to step back and reflect in a safe environment.  Thank you Lis
Anyes van Rhijn

What a lovely opportunity to reflect on and explore my relationship with myself as a woman and my mother’s role in my life.  I’m grateful to Lis’ guidance through an entertaining and educational evening
Asa Burke

As a mother, as a daughter and as a woman I wanted to hear first-hand what Lis Allen’s Vagina Dialogues was about. Other women told me how uplifted they were after attending her event and how much Lis’ no-nonsense but funny approach made a difference to how they felt about their family, their children and themselves.

A bunch of women is normally my idea of hell and as such I was hesitant at first. As soon as Lis appeared that all changed. Not only is her enthusiasm infectious, she has the uncanny knack of feeling the energy in the room, acknowledging what is going on and quickly shifting it to a positive vibrant atmosphere. I could see the women around me change, inspired by her stories and her wisdom.Her knowledge, warmth and ‘100 years of parenting experience’ feels like the comforting shoulder of your best friend; quite extraordinary.

My original purpose of attending was professional. I wanted to experience and learn how people inspire people, how women change women and how people deal with ‘inspirational education’ in a group setting. Unexpectedly I had various ‘Aha-moments’ myself which is a sign of a gifted communicator. Although she did a lot of the talking you never felt like you were being talked at or to; it truly was a dialogue with all the women in the audience.

If you haven’t experienced Vagina Dialogues, go and book it now. It’s a fun evening with a serious message and one that can make your life even better. And I promise, no female bitchiness in sight…

Laura Spoelstra Business owner, mother

The combination of Lis speaking, photographs and group work created a good mix of learnings – thank you.
Debbie Atkins

I came with no idea what to expect and left FULL to the brim with possibilities!
Mary Joyce aka the Resources Queen

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the event… as the days have gone by since, I’ve reflected more and more and have certainly made some changes to my attitude and life already…


Great to be in a room full of women happy to participate and share their journey in life
Tara Taylor

A very comfortable way to go deeper into yourself and discover some real jewels!
Anna Florio

I would highly recommend going to one of Lis’ Vagina Dialogues. I found it so interesting and thought provoking, and I am not even a mother! She makes it so fun and informal, it feels just like a night out with your girlfriends
VD Participant

as she says, not a mother

I attended Lis’s Vagina dialogues last year and it really got me thinking about my relationship with my mother, which had become somewhat strained over the years, especially since my Dad died. Lis’s insights helped me appreciate my Mum and as a result we have become much closer and have just enjoyed a special birthday weekend away with the family, something for which I am truly grateful. Thank you Lis, I can’t recommend your VD events highly enough!

Lis’ enthusiasm and passion is highly contagious; her events and presentations entertaining, brutally honest and captivating. Most of all she is infectious in bringing about positive outcomes for all involved with a skill set to support change. She is a fascinating woman and I would thoroughly recommend her event, so much so that I am about to go back for my second – another girls night out with a difference!
Kate Talbot

Chartered Financial Planner, Shore Financial Planning

In the last few months I have attended 2 of Lis’ “Vagina Dialogues” speaking events which are aimed to getting mothers to understand that they are not the negative voice in their head and they do not have to be shaped by their past. When mothers get the message, then they can help to sow the seeds of change in their children.  I feel this is a message that would be equally powerful if delivered to teachers as they have an equally (sometimes even greater) influence on the development of young minds. Now, more than ever before, teachers need to hear what she has to say.

Lis works intuitively and instinctively whether she’s working with individuals or large groups. She’s strong, yet gentle, compassionate, enormous fun and dedicated to guiding people towards living better lives.  Lis also has a vast amount of experience and knowledge on which to draw to back up what she’s saying.  Her integrity is impeccable and I wholeheartedly recommend her.

Meg Green

Author, Hypnotherapist, Coach (former Teacher of 23 yrs)

I thoroughly enjoyed the evening, and it has touched me in a way I would not have imagined.  Listening to you talking about your mother and the relationship you had with her, and what you went through later on was an eye opener for me.  I try my best to review and rethink my behaviour towards my own child, and this because of my non -existent relationship with my mother – she is alive and well, yet I tell everyone that she is dead, even my son.  It is a complicated relationship that has turned badly sour, to cut a long story short she no longer speaks to me and I have spent the last ten years crying over it.  Listening to you and the discussion that took place has put everything into perspective for me, it has opened a door to forgiveness (a door I kept locked for far too long) and today I feel like I can live my life to the fullest ….
Previous VD Participant

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