As well as a time to enjoy Mother Nature at her best, the end of May has become a time of reflection for me. There is no better opportunity to do that other than on a solitary walk, very early on a beautiful late-spring morning. Isn’t my pic fab, even though I say so myself?! haha!

Not only did my mother die at the end of the month in 2004, but my niece Cori took her own life 5 years ago, as good old Facebook has reminded me. I’m sure you appreciate that I don’t need reminding of that fact, but it’s been helpful to read what I wrote 5 years ago and to check in and see if something/anything good has come as a result of her death.

May 2015
“I’ve never been one to discharge my so-called negative feelings over Facebook, preferring instead to deal with my anger, sadness and grief privately. However, I’m changing that behaviour for today, because the emotional burden of what has happened in our family is immense.

My niece died by suicide last Friday, leaving behind a family devastated by her passing. The grief and sadness comes from two sources; having to witness a beautiful young life of contribution cut short, and the realisation that she wasn’t able to share her burden of emotional and mental turmoil with us, for whatever reason.

I believe something good HAS to come of this, and it will, in due course. In the meantime, it’s comforting to believe that in sharing this tragic news, our burden is eased a little and the healing process for the family has already begun. Thank you for taking the time to read this.”

May 2020
The answer is yes. Hundreds of people responded to the post and reached out, offering support and kindness in whatever way they could #trulyheartwarming #lovingsupport. Her death also strengthened my resolve to keep doing what I’m doing, both personally and professionally, and to make the most of my time on this planet. I don’t suppose I’ll be retiring from work or life any time soon!

Share how you’re feeling with others, especially with the current global difficulties, and make sure you live life to the full, whatever the restrictions are, perceived or otherwise. Enjoy today, oh and yes, there IS light at the end of the tunnel – there always is, if you look for it. 🙂