What is it about getting up early? Do you find it really hard when there’s work to do, or are you excited by the day ahead? If my mum were still alive she’d be AMAZED at the change in my getting-up behaviour – let’s just say I used to leave it to the very last possible minute!

These days I’m leaping out of bed, raring to go at the most ridiculous hour (well, 6 am always did seem ridiculous to me!). One great incentive for me to get out of bed early, at least on a Thursday, is my business breakfast club. This is a weekly meeting with other local business owners, who come together to learn from each other and support one another – during ‘challenging economic times’. (Check out my article entitled ‘Birds of a Feather’ to understand the importance of the people you hang around with).
Anyway, yesterday I was having a chat with a builder at the club who was telling me that he’s been really busy lately. People are frightened to move, so they’re making the most of what they’ve already got and having new kitchens and bathrooms put in. Now, isn’t that interesting? It isn’t that the money’s not there – it is. No one had a big bonfire and burnt it all. No, people have become more cautious about how, when and where they invest their money, understandably.

What’s interesting is that we have no direct control over other people or the things that are going on in the world around us. (I have to admit to trying to control my husband in the past and he wasn’t having any of it!). However, what we do have, in varying degrees, is control of ourselves and our own immediate environment. So wouldn’t it make sense to do as people are doing with their properties – make the most of ourselves and what learnings and experience we’ve already got?

So, how are you investing in yourself? How are you making the most of you and your capabilities? Who would you like to support you? What do you need to learn and practice in order to get excited about life and leap out of bed in the mornings?