Have you ever noticed how the pressure builds in the run-up to a trip away?  Whether it’s a holiday or  a business trip, there  always seem to be a million and one things to do before heading off.   I suppose in the ‘old’ days it was necessary to tie up the loose ends, because the ability to communicate when you were abroad was much more difficult than it is now.  These days we can be right back in the domestic or office ‘thick of it’  at the press of a button or two.  Not sure that’s necessarily a good thing….sometimes it’s a very good thing to be a long way away and out of contact!  However, if the pressure build-up means that the desk/head can be cleared in order to focus on the trip/task, then the pressure is perfect.

I’ve just had some perfect pressure 🙂  I’m off to Australia this evening in order to learn from some great mentors, people who have already done what I’m aspiring to do. (More on the aspirations in a later blog – watch this space, as they say!)  I’m off down under for some learnings and sunshine – great combination!  Oh yes, I hope to be sitting in a bar on Sunday watching Andy Murray playing in the final of the Australian Open.  Let’s hope he experiences some perfect pressure this week!