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How many of us truly know ourselves or how we’re going to behave in any/every situation that life throws at us?  It takes years to peel away the layers of conditioning that have been imposed on us by parents, siblings, schooling, society, religion, and discover who we really are.  We need to unlearn behaviours that no longer serve us and install new habits, so that we can be true to ourselves, not living life according to other peoples beliefs and values.




Aristotle, the great Greek philosopher and scientist said:

“To understand oneself is the beginning of wisdom” –

Through coaching, speaking and the unique Vagina Dialogues event, Lis Allen Personal Development aims to help clients of all ages and backgrounds understand themselves better and as a result feel confident that they are making great life choices for themselves – wise choices.

Please check out the site and get a feel for who we are – we’d be delighted to assist you fulfill your potential.


Contact us on: info@lisallen.com

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